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What is a Civil Celebrant?

Marriages and other ceremonies such as Christenings and Funerals were traditionally conducted in churches. The role of the Celebrant evolved from the need to have such ceremonies conducted in places other than a Church. However a distinction had to be made between an authorised Celebrant who could perform legal marriages and a Civil Celebrant who could perform ceremonies for christenings and funerals.

The Role of the Civil Marriage Celebrant

The role of the Celebrant is to lead an official celebration and in the 21st century, Celebrants can legally perform marriages anywhere, any place, any time, thereby offering couples a meaningful alternative to a Registry Office or a Church.

From our first meeting to your wedding day, I will advise you on ceremony content, in particular the wording of vows and declarations, guidance to create your own unique and personalised ceremony and work with you to ensure your wedding ceremony reflects everything about you as a couple, right through to registration of your marriage with the Births, Marriages and Deaths Registry Office.

A Celebrant is also obliged to inform marrying couples of the availability of Relationship Services information, provide privacy and security regarding all personal documentation that is submitted, information on the copyright issues regarding music, poetry and verse or rituals that may be used during your ceremony and the availability of authorised interpreters, if required.

Our First Meeting

At our first meeting you will be advised on the following - *Notice of Intended Marriage Form *Relationship Counseling Information brochure *Sample basic Wedding Ceremony *A selection of Poems, Versus and Blessings *Fees Structure & Payment options *Wedding Checklist *Greek Wedding Ceremony Rituals (if applicable)